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    Perhaps you often experience this event, taking a position with enough confidence after seeing the price move fast in one direction but not how long later the price turned back. Or you take the position of waiting for the corrected price to a certain level where you are more sure that the price will not break the level, but it succeeds in penetrating even sharp moves.
    One day, there was a question from my students about the relationship between US dollar and the gold in the world of trading. In this case I will try to answer based on my knowledge I hope can be helpful.
    In this article I invite the reader to discuss about the process of transformation from a trader who are trapped in Trader Technical to be a Trader Transformed Trader.
    After many years in the European countries united in a union, came the demand to get out of the EU, and it demands it successfully realized through Brexit. Britain became the first country that managed to free themselves from the EU on 24.06.2016.
    By this article I want to share an experience of a trader from Indonesia and maybe anywhere.
    The platform Metatrader 4 brings us a default indicator, named Relative strength index (RSI). This indicator, in my opinion, is powerful. It is used for indicating a price oversold or overbought.